Thursday, September 8, 2011

Trying new things {Crockpot style}

We have been in a funk.
You may have been in the same funk as us. 
A dinner funk.
We rotate through the same meals week after week.
Which can be nice since I can buy a little extra and make it stretch into the next week.
But there is only so many hamburgers and hot dogs this lady can HANDLE!!!

Enter crock pot.
I am have to admit I kinda have a crush on it.
(shhhh don't tell the SSG)
Oh boy crock pot is the best.
Through some ingredients into it and then just wait until dinner time and scoop it out!
No rushing around making dinner.
Very few dishes to clean afterwards.
Mr. Crock pot, you are my hero.

Tonight we tried a new recipe.
Which is pretty scary to me.
I don't like spending money on food that I don't know if we will eat.
But orange chicken, that I know my six year old will eat.
I went for it.

I got the recipe from this blog
It turned out okay. I would give it 3 stars out of 5.
I think next time I will take down the ketchup a little.
And not use the cheapest orange juice concentrate I could find.

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