Saturday, September 10, 2011

Halloween Decor and Mr. Mailman

Halloween is pretty much the best holiday ever.
Think about it, what other day can you dress up like a serial killer.
Walk around the street with a knife. (fake of course)
Knocking on people's doors
Asking for candy
And not get the cops called on you?
Uhhhhhhh..... Halloween.
Needless to say I started early this year.

Allow me to introduce you to my Halloween door hanger!

While I was testing this out, the mailman came by. 
He probably thought I was some crazy lady cause I was taking pictures of my door.
That had a huge BOO on it.
Side note: I live on a street the mainly has old ladies on it.... PRETTY quiet in these parts.
I am sure that if it was a cell phone and it was actually near Halloween he would have thought nothing of it.
But since I was using my actual camera and it is still the beginning of September he was thinking
'Wack a doo' in his head.
I might have to act normal for a few days.
For the mailman's sake.
But who am I kidding? 
Normal is boring.
I would rather be his funny work story.

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