Monday, October 3, 2011

Not a Fairytale, but love still the same

 My husband and I didn't have that 'fairy tale' romance.
He certainly did not sweep me off my feet.
Our courtship wasn't really what every girl dreams of.
You see my husband had just gotten back from his deployment to Iraq.
I was in a new city, with a new job, and a new baby.
I wanted a fresh start.
He wanted to get his head back in the game.
But when we met something inside me just clicked.
You know the feeling of ease.
Having those moments of silence and not feeling the need to talk.
The kind of feeling where butterflies swarmed when you see his name pop up on your phone.
The hairs on your arm sticking up when he brushes by.
I didn't know then that he would become my husband.
But I did know that he was something special.
We dated off and on for about 6 months.
Then he had a job offer to move to Idaho.
We said our goodbyes and promised to at least try to make a long distance relationship work.
I watched him walk away, with tears in my eyes and a sudden hole in my heart.
That was the instance I knew.
He was my forever.
And here we are, four years, three kids, and much more love later.
Sometimes I need to be reminded of why we fought so hard to make this work.
No one makes me feel the way he does.
He is the father of my children, my rock, my love, my everything.


Anonymous said...

Really love the authenticity of this post :)

Linds said...

The army is silly about moving people! My hubs came back from Iraq in Sept of 09, we met in December, and got married in Oct of 10. Fairy tale wasn't really made for my life either, but when you love you love and you just know. Congrats on finding your special rock :)

Chrissy @ the Pearl Blog said...

I can so relate.. not to the military part but to the working hard part. this post gave me goosebumps!

Jane said...

I love this post Mandi and I am so happy you met your man. You look so good together...
Love you,
Aunt Jane

Unknown said...

That's so nice Mandi! You guys look so nice together, congratulations!

Unknown said...

This made my heart smile!

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