Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Hoo are you #57

It is time for another round of Hoooooo Are You!
1. Do you sleep with the tv or music on?
Every once in a while when my husband is gone.
2. What is your favorite technology device that you own?
My laptop or my phone I guess.  I am not crazy about all the new technology.
3. Do you shop the ads for groceries?
Yes I do.  A couple of weeks ago I bought 8 jars of Planters Peanut butter for  $6.00!
4. What are you favorite pair of shoes?
OHHHH do I have to pick one?  Shoes are my weakness.    
5. Have you done any fun fall activities yet?
There is an amusement park in our state called Lagoon and they do a Frightmares attraction during October, we have done that twice. 
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Jacque said...

I have always wanted to go to Frightmares, but have never been lucky enough to go. Is it too scary for little ones to go through? I honestly would love to go, but don't want my kids freaked out.

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