Monday, October 24, 2011

Fall Wreath {Tutorial}

Halloween will be here in a week!
That is crazy talk!!!
October just started!
This means Christmas has snuck up on me yet again.
Even though it is the same day of the year every year.
So I am going to put that out of my head for a minute and focus on Thanksgiving/Fall.
Fall is my favorite season.
It is so pretty out and the weather usually isn't too bad.
I bought those leaves at a store called 'Wood Creations' here in Utah.
But I wanted a wreath too.
I combined the two and this is what I came up with.
This is my how to on the wreath only.
The leaves can only be bought if you live in Utah.
They don't ship yet since they are a new business.
Maybe one day right???

The How To:
Supplies needed:
Felt 1 yard
Muslin 1 yard
Hot glue and lots of glue sticks
Sewing Machine

 First cut your felt into about 4 inch strips.  
Cut some muslin into 3 inch strips.
Then some more felt at 2 inch strips.
You don't have to be too precise on the cut.
 Break out the sewing machine and using a basting stitch sew all the way down.  
You don't have to back stitch on one end.
Take the bottom thread and make a ruffle to your liking.
Repeat with all your strips.
 Using your cardboard make yourself a wreath form.  
Cut some of your muslin into strips.
 Dab some hot glue down and start wrapping the cardboard to cover it.
You could certainly just paint the cardboard.
 All wrapped and ready for some ruffles!
Before you start gluing lay out your ruffles to make sure you have them the way you want them.
 Then simply just glue in the center and press down.
 First layer done.

 Next do the same with the muslin.  
Using hot glue down the center and pressing down.
And of course the same for the last layer of felt.
And there you have it!

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Ashley said...

way cute, great tutorial!!! love your blog:)

Natalie Meester said...

love this idea and that you used a cardboard for the wreath....very frugal!

Love it!


Unknown said...

that is SOO cute! If only I knew how to sew... and had a sewing machine!! :) maybe someday!

Marilyn said...

This is soo creative and cute..

Natasha in Oz said...

I love your wreath! I am not crafty so am not sure if I could make one. I'll just admire yours!

I have posted about some of my favourite wreaths on my Christmas blog. I have also posted about some of my favourite Halloween pinterest pins on my main blog so if you have time please stop by!

Best wishes for a lovely weekend,

Karen said...

I love how it turned out!! love the leaves in the center! They look great. I am a new follower!!
Karen@Pocket Full of Pink

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