Saturday, April 2, 2011

Today is already a great day...

Today was the 4TH time weighing in for WW.
I was a little nervous to say the least.
Since last week I only lost half a pound...
So I got up out of my bed early in the morning...
Like 8 a.m. (Saturday is my sleep in day)
I got dressed and went on to my meeting hoping for a better week

I waited my turn, over hearing other members great success.
It got to my turn.
I took of my shoes, handed the lady my cards.
Then sheepishly asked if she was ready for me to get on the scale of doom.
I took a sigh and step on carefully so that the scale would think I was light.
Then the wonderful woman told me...
I no lie I fist pumped in the air.

So today is already a good day.
Oh and Weight Watchers works.
Hope you all have a great weekend!!!

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Chrissy @ the Pearl Blog said...

thanks so much for linking up last week. hope you join us again!

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