Friday, April 8, 2011

Half a Paycheck?

To all of congress,

I am an Army wife.  When I went to look at our paycheck today I see that we are only getting half of our normal pay.  I hope you sleep well tonight in your comfy house, your fantastic meal. Tuck your kids into their beds knowing you have provided for them.  For me I get to have a sick feeling worrying about how I am going to keep a roof over my kids head and food in their stomach.  I get to wonder how I am going to pay all my bills. 

We volunteered to keep this country safe and protect what we so strongly believe in.  However instead of feeling the honor we normally feel, we feel betrayed, humiliated and like we have been slapped in the face. 

I could live in a box, but I cannot do that to my kids.  It is them you are hurting.  Not yourselves...  Please just stop all this insanity and pass the budget.  You count on us to be ready for anything, to send our loved ones to war and worry that they might not come back.  YOU ask us to do what most people wouldn't consider.  WE count on YOU to do the right thing.

An Army Family

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Randee Erickson said...

God Bless both you and your family for your sacrifice! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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