Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I looked in my mailbox and what did I see...

Yesterday Spring cleaning struck my house.  I cleaned out not one but TWO junk drawers... ya we have two cause that's how we roll here.  I also reorganized all of our regular kitchen drawers too.  It took me all afternoon.  I was beat but so very proud of myself!   

Then in the mail I got something magical, as if someone was patting me on the back.  Saying "Way to go Mandi, you pretty much rock"  Such a small envelope brought such a big smile on my face. 
Big smiles ran across my face as I knew exactly what was inside this package.
Ahhhh yes, a lovely mustache necklace.  I giggled at what my husband was going to say. I promptly switched necklaces.
Here are some photos of myself and Mr. Moustache!

Pretty stinkin cute right???? 
You want one like right now don't ya????
Well head on over to Little Miss Momma's Etsy Shop and buy one!


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