Wednesday, November 16, 2011

What I {Heart} on Pinterest #7

 Uhhh can you believe how fast November is going by?
Wasn't Halloween just like yesterday?
And with that ummmm Mother Nature you are kinda skipping Fall please keep Winter in check.
However, aren't you guys EXCITED for CHRISTMAS!?!?!
This girl right here is!

Here are my Pinterest picks of the week.

 This is a great idea on how to keep the spirit of the actual reason why we celebrate Christmas.
I think I see a new tradition rolling through this house.

I have been a little obsessed with headbands lately.
Maybe if everyone stopped making them so darn cute.

 Aren't these little reindeer cookies cute?
I love them and their cute little Rudolf noses!
 I LOVE jalapeno poppers.  
And this seems like a great way to make them.
Perfect appetizer for parties. 

Ya I just had to through this is.
Uhhh Mandi your inner geekness is showing again..
Sorry I know,
If you don't know what this means I am sorry.
Your husband might if he likes Lord of the Rings.

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The Life Of Faith said...

haha I love that last one! I'm stealing it:) It all looks great...good pinterest choices:) Following you now!

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