Wednesday, November 9, 2011

What I {heart} on Pinterest #6

 Happy Thursday everyone!
I hope everyone is having a fantastic week!
I have been and that is because of you!
Yesterday I reached 100 FOLLOWERS!
So THANK YOU to everyone who is a follower and even if your not!
At least you are here reading my blog!
Pinterest has been acting really weird for me this week. 
So my pins have been few and far between.
Here are a few things I was able to pin.
When I first pinned this.
It didn't link right.
So I did a little clicking around to make sure the credit was going back to the person who posted it.
But this is a great idea!
 You can't see this very well but it is 6 different ways on how to tie a scarf.
Very useful for this coming Winter.
 I love everything about this except the purse.
The purse really turns me off.
This wouldn't be a craft blog if I didn't show something crafty right?
This wreath doesn't need any description.
It is too cute for words.

 These are my favorites this week!
I hope Pinterest stops being moody for me.
I miss it.
Come follow me on Pinterest and we can be PBFF!


SkinnyMeg said...

Great pins! Thanks for sharing!

Unknown said...

Congrats on 100!!!!!

jessicaclarke said...

Following u back totally could use that boot tutorial I can never tuck my jeans in right. Thanks for stopping by:)

Sean Marie said...

I could use the scarf how to for sure! :) Have a great weekend!

4Eighteen said...

WHOOP WHOOP! Congratulations on 100! We are so excited at these new mile stones too, but we just hope they come back to actually read haha!

I agree about the purse, I thought the same thing before I scrolled down and read your comment, cute outfit though.

Jamie said...

Hi Mandi!

Thanks for stopping by Making Mama Happy and following. Your Aidan is quite a cutie (and so are Connor and Rowan!) Cute blog too...I'm definitely a new follower.

PS...congrats on reaching 100!


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