Monday, January 2, 2012

Reality Check

 Life is kinda funny.
I have been feeling really discouraged about the hunt for a house.
I had written a post pretty much complaining about it.
Then after chatting with another sweet blogger last night, she gave me the encouragement I needed.
Instead of looking at all the negatives in the hunt I am going to turn them around and make them positive.

First- the waiting...
Yes with most short sales you have to wait.
But it gives us time. 
To not be so hasty.
To keep looking at other houses that may be better.

Second- The issue of cleanliness in said homes.
Most of these houses are trashed.
It will give us an excuse to paint the walls.
Get the carpets cleaned.
And hey if we like a house enough to buy it when it is dirty, we will love it when it is clean!

Third- Homes already being under contract
This is by FAR the most frustrating!
This will let us know that we were not meant to be in that house.
We will trust in God that he will guide us to where we need to be.
Buying a home is a dream.
And we are very fortunate to even be able to do it.
I need to enjoy it.
There I feel much much better! 
This is one of the reasons why I love blogging so much!  
There are so many fantastic people out there who give me so much inspiration!


Karie @ The HoB said...

Ya for finding the positive! All this will just make you love your house even more!!

Unknown said...

So glad you're feeling better about it - we looked for a long time and magically found the perfect house for an amazing price - you'll have the same good karma, I know!

Unknown said...

Oh Mandi, I know just how you feel. When we were buying our house about a year and half ago...we had to jump through a bazillion hoops but it was TOTALLY worth it!!! It always is!!!! Its like my mom said "good things are always worth the wait" :-)

p.s. come check out my custom blog giveaway! :-) Not that you need a new design...yours is very cute but its always fun to change it up?!?! :-)


Lacie @thedanielsons said...

I really wish I would have read this before my major vent post! HA! But it really is true, ever single word. Thanks for this post :D I needed it today. :D The Utah housing market kinda stinks right now....but it will all be worth it in the end.

Michelle and Lakeon said...

congrats on blogger of the week for super stalker sunday.

New gfc follower.
would love a return follow back :)

Melanie said...

New follower!

Courtney Ann said...

New follower!
Oh man patience is so hard! Hang in there.
Off to follow your pinboards. :)

Anonymous said...

Frustrating but worth the wait. I jumped into a house I wasn't supposed to and within months was ready to sell it. You will have the house for you and your family.

I'm a new follower form Super Stalker Sunday.

Elizabeth said...

Congrats on being the featured blog in the hop :) New follower
Just remember, this is an EXCITING time! A time where you are in complete control of where you will live for a long while. Everythigng happens for a reason, just remember that!

Bethany said...

I want to move, but I do not want to deal with the waiting- so we cant decide to sell or not to sell! Newest follower from Super Stalker Sunday. Id love it if you stopped by my corner of blog land sometime and said hello :)

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