Sunday, January 1, 2012

Peace Out 2011!

2011 was an icky icky horrible year for us.
And it pretty much started right after New Years.

We are bloggy BFFs so this a no judge zone right?

Let us go back in time to 2007.

When the SSG and I were first married we had some trials.
He was working a job that didn't pay us very much.
I had quit my job to move to Idaho to be with him.
Our finances were a MESS to say the least!
Well later in the first year of our marriage my husband lost his job.
Thankfully he was already in the Army and we were very blessed they gave him work.
I think back on those months of not working, wondering how we made due.

Well we ended up having to file bankruptcy. (no judge zone)

We thought all was well and we had a fresh start!
Fast forward to 2011...
Seriously the day after New Years.
I got the mail and found a letter from an attorney's office.
Open up the letter, and started crying.
It was about my wedding ring.
They wanted $500.00 more than what SSG financed it for, or the ring back.
I called my husband balling, telling him what horrid news we got in the mail.
(Now, I completely agree that if we didn't pay for it we shouldn't have it.  However it had been 2 years since the bankruptcy and they never said a word about the ring)
We had the money to buy the ring. 
But it would wipe out our savings account.
I had to make a choice.
Do I love a ring, or our future more?
So sadly I agreed to give back my ring.
They told me they were going to put it in an auction to see how much money they could get for it.
I packaged it up and gave it to the FedEx driver.
A ring doesn't define my marriage.
And a year later I still get a little teary eyed about it.

 There were more problems with 2011 too.
I don't want to dwell on them though.
It is a new year!
New start!
And I say bring it on!

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