Monday, March 28, 2011

Ribbon Flower Wreath

I have been one busy little crafter this weekend.  I made a total of SEVEN projects.  Which probably makes my hubby really happy since I don't have random things lying around anymore.  I am not a cool kid and don't have a craft room.
Its more like a table...
In the laundry room...
Which is in the basement...
It's cold and lonely down there....

I learned how to make these ribbon flowers this weekend, however I have not been blessed with a little girl.  So hey why not make a wreath instead right???  Right???  Ya I thought so too!

Ribbon (I got five different patterns and colors)
Hot glue gun... don't forget the glue!
Rhinestones or buttons
Foam wreath

Cut all of your ribbon into about 6 inch strips.  Fold ribbon in half so that the pattern is on the inside and put a strip of hot glue.
Open up ribbon and take each end and fold into the center.

Make a total of four 'petals' Then dot hot glue onto the top of first ribbon and press another down as it making a plus sign. Make two of these.

 Then glue both together and there it is!  Cute little flower~
 Now simply place rhinestone or button in the middle.  At this point if you don't want to make it into a wreath you can glue a clip on the back and have a darling hair clip.
 But I glued them all over this foam wreath and now have a very cute decoration for Spring. 


Jaime said...

I LOVE this! My little girl is 3, and I think I'll make hairbows with your instructions. So quick and easy! If I tried to make it into a wreath, I can see her now, trying to pull them off so she can have her "pretties" in her hair. :-)

I don't have a crafting room either...I tend to overtake the dining room table. Must get organized (at some point!).

Whit said...


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