Wednesday, February 23, 2011

There should be a gameshow for this!

This is how a conversation between my husband and myself would go.

(Lance hangs up his phone)

Me:  Who was that?
Lance: My parents.
Me: What did they have to say?
Lance: Oh they have something and want to bring it by?
Me:  What??  When???
Lance:  They will be here in a few minutes.
Me: SERIOUSLY?????  The house is a mess!
Lance:  They won't care...
Me: Ya but I do!!!!

Then what my husband has so lovingly referred to as 'freak out cleaning' begins.
Scrambling to beat the clock, (if there was a game show for this non sense I would totally win) I clean any room I think someone might come into.  Even if no one uses the bathroom I go in and make sure there are no little boy pee marks left on the toilet.  Vacuum and who knows what else.  My husband thinks I am crazy but I stay at home with my kids.  Shouldn't my house always be Martha Stewart Catalog clean???  Instead my house usually looks like a tornado of toys has hit us.  Little finger prints EVERYWHERE!!!!  It is really bad on the weekends when I hardly get out of my jammies.  But honestly I don't mind until someone wants to 'stop by'.  Please tell me that I am not the only crazy person out there who does this?


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