Friday, February 11, 2011

Like it or not... THIS IS ME!

I have always dislike the whole 'Tell me about yourself' part of life.  I feel like I am a pretty average type of girl.  I am always changing, even day to day. 

Sometimes I am SUPER MOM and can juggle what feels like 10 million things at once.  Other days I am calling my husband freaking out and SCREAMING that I am going to rip my hair out!

So I really don't like being defined, it is like if this is what I say I am then isn't that who I have to be?
I was able to come up with a few things about myself here they are:

  • First and most important I am a wife and mother
  • I hate lima beans
  • I LOVE to craft there is nothing more calming to me
  • I really try my best not to judge people it is not my place
See fairly short list right?
But this is me!  I wouldn't change places with anyone... not one single person!


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