Wednesday, December 7, 2011

40 Pounds Lost, I don't Plan on Finding Them

This was me, in 2008.
The sad part is, this isn't even me at my heaviest.
I actually had another baby in 2009 and put on about 
20 more pounds.
I was miserable, I hated looking at myself in a mirror.
Let alone have pictures taken of myself.
I felt like I was always doomed to be the fat girl.
Especially going to my in laws.
I once broke a chair.
At their house.
I hated shopping for clothes.
Nothing I liked ever fit me.
I am 5'3 and I have really short legs.
So to find pants that would fit me in the waist. 
They would always drag on the ground since I wasn't tall enough for them.
I cried alot about my weight.
Looking at this picture I can see how uncomfortable I am.
I am trying to hide how ugly I felt.
I tried a bunch of crappy trendy diets.
They all promised the same thing.
Lose weight fast!
And while I did lose ten pounds at first.
I was starving myself.
One diet I ate plain chicken and spinach all the time.
Oh and boiled egg whites.
Which the thought of makes my stomach turn now.
The SSG said to me one night,
'Can you see yourself eating like this for the rest of your life?'
It hit me like a brick wall.
If I had to eat plain spinach and egg whites for the rest of my life I would
Not just because I wouldn't get the essential nutrients my body needed.
But because I love food that much!
So I ate like a crazed lunatic for a few days.
Then on Friday March 6, 2011 at 10:30 a.m. 
I headed on down to my local Weight Watchers.
It was exactly what I needed.
A lifestyle change, not a diet.
And here I am 
40 pounds and much, much, MUCH happier later.
I feel comfortable in my skin.
I can wear white!
I haven't done that since I was a teenager.
I can run around with my kids.
The best feeling was when my oldest boy was able to wrap his arms all the way around me.
To give me a big hug.
This is a journey that I am glad I was brave enough to face.


erika @ life unfluffed said...

You look SO great! Holy cow. That's just the inspiration I need to get my butt in gear!

SkinnyMeg said...

That is amazing, you look terrific and your smile says it all! WW got me started on my journey too, I've lost 110 pounds in the last 2 years and plan to never see it again :) Keep up the great work Mandi!

Linds said...

You look phenomenal! Great job! Congrats

Karie @ The HoB said...


Anonymous said...

Hi Mandi,
I just found your blog (can't remember from where) and what a huge inspiration to see this journey you made. I am currently about 75 lbs to heavy andcan never seem to keep the willpower and general "ooomph" going when I tackle trying. What worked for you in staying motivated?


The Red Brick Farmhouse said...



Chrissy @ the Pearl Blog said...

way to go.. I am so proud of you... you rock!

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