Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Pintrest has made me famous?!?!

Wow, let me clear out the cobwebs in here first...

Sorry I have been a little MIA for a while.  Still crafting, however I am trying to start my own semi business so that has taken a HUGE amount of time!
One of my bestest friends Thais started a blog tonight and thought maybe I should check to see if everyone had left my blog since I am terrible at blogging.

I was surprised when I saw that it had for the most part stayed the same.  *HUGE smile*

Then I also looked at where people were coming from (since I haven't posted since the first of June)
I see pinterest as a traffic source...
Whhhhaaaatttt???? Me.... on pinterest???
Isn't that only for incredible people who are UBER crafty.
Not little ole me????
I clicked on the link and who woulda thunk it?!?!?!?
Not just one of them either!
Not just one person!!!
People pinned my crafts!
For all you that are pinned quite a bit, it might not seem that big of a deal.  But go back in time and think of the first time you saw you were pinned and how excited you were!!! 
That's me, right here!
If you could see my face right now, it would make ya smile!!!

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