Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My short story of May

Ever had one of those months
The ones where it feels like you are going and going from the moment you wake up until the moment you go to sleep? 
Well that was May for me! 
May was crazy busy for my little family! 
So here are the short notes from what this month as brought us!

First and probably the most important. 
SGT Army Pants in no longer a SGT, he now proudly wears the rank of a Staff Sargent!!!! 
He was promoted over drill weekend a couple of weeks ago! 
I couldn't be more proud of that goofball! 
This has been a promotion long coming and he deserves it!

Second of all, for Mother's Day I got a surprise via FedEx.  I had this delivered to my house!!!!
To say I was shocked is pretty much an understatement! 
I had only mentioned a Silhouette briefly to my husband and didn't think he was really even paying attention! 
I guess he proved me wrong!
I can only imagine the things that I will be making with this lovely machine!

Next I have been trying REALLY hard to learn to sew! 
I have been blessed with some wonderful friends who are extremely patient with me!
It took me almost two afternoons, and about fifty phone calls to my girl Thais.  (I know you are reading this)
Also one stop by from my friend Thais.  (she loves me I know this)
It was all worth it though! 
In the end I made this!
On my very own!!!  WHOOP WHOOP!!!!
I got the instructions and template from The Dating Divas

One of the very last highlights from my month is pretty exciting to me!
I went with my hubby SSG Army Pants, and a few men from the unit and shot a gun. 
Without freaking out!
Except when they wanted me to shoot the M16, ya right that wasn't going to happen.
I played it safe and went with a 9mm. 
Here is my target!
Not too shabby right????
Except for the one I missed.
I am calling that my warning shot.... That is my story and I am sticking to it!

Also if you ever need motivation to clean our your closets watch a few episodes of Hoarders on TLC.
I have cleaned out every single closet in my house it feels. 
I didn't want to turn out like them!!!

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