Wednesday, February 23, 2011

There should be a gameshow for this!

This is how a conversation between my husband and myself would go.

(Lance hangs up his phone)

Me:  Who was that?
Lance: My parents.
Me: What did they have to say?
Lance: Oh they have something and want to bring it by?
Me:  What??  When???
Lance:  They will be here in a few minutes.
Me: SERIOUSLY?????  The house is a mess!
Lance:  They won't care...
Me: Ya but I do!!!!

Then what my husband has so lovingly referred to as 'freak out cleaning' begins.
Scrambling to beat the clock, (if there was a game show for this non sense I would totally win) I clean any room I think someone might come into.  Even if no one uses the bathroom I go in and make sure there are no little boy pee marks left on the toilet.  Vacuum and who knows what else.  My husband thinks I am crazy but I stay at home with my kids.  Shouldn't my house always be Martha Stewart Catalog clean???  Instead my house usually looks like a tornado of toys has hit us.  Little finger prints EVERYWHERE!!!!  It is really bad on the weekends when I hardly get out of my jammies.  But honestly I don't mind until someone wants to 'stop by'.  Please tell me that I am not the only crazy person out there who does this?


Sunday, February 20, 2011


I have a secret, and it really is not that unusual.  Here it is... I have never taken my kids swimming.  I feel horrible about this, but it has nothing to do with not liking it.  I love playing in the water (even though I am terrified of drowning).  It is because I am too insecure about putting on a swim suit.  Having my wonderful little babies has done just horrid things to my body.  Where I once had stubby but smooth legs have now turned into fat stretch marked thighs and calfs.  My stomach... let's just say it is not pretty.  I am lucky though the wives of my husband's unit are having a support/competition to see how much weight we can lose.  So I am signing up and by the end of this 10 week period I am going to take my babies swimming at the local aquatic center. 

My goal is to lose 20 pounds (at least)
I am going to give up my beloved diet Pepsi (I am such a rebel with my diet Pepsi instead of coke in Utah)
I am going to exercise something I have never liked to do.  (I failed gym in school all you had to do was show up... really???  cannot believe I failed)

Wish me luck! 

Friday, February 11, 2011

Valentine Extravaganza

I have made a decision that this year all of my holiday decorations will be homemade.  Plus walking around looking at decorations, with all their ugly glitterfied hearts with teddy bears makes me want to punch tigers.
I am not serious no hate mail please.
 So I have already made all of my Valentine's decor and I am quite pleased with myself.

I made this out of jute and ribbon. It was time consuming but so cute on my mantle.

This took so long but was completely worth it.  I sewed all of the flowers onto felt with chiffon.

I couldn't get a very good picture of this hanging but I took some Christmas bulbs I got on uber clearance.
Printed out some vinyl with cute sayings tied it to some jute and hung.

I also have some mod podge letters that say like LOVE and XOXO.  But I haven't taken pictures of them.
Also they aren't very clever everyone makes them now.

Like it or not... THIS IS ME!

I have always dislike the whole 'Tell me about yourself' part of life.  I feel like I am a pretty average type of girl.  I am always changing, even day to day. 

Sometimes I am SUPER MOM and can juggle what feels like 10 million things at once.  Other days I am calling my husband freaking out and SCREAMING that I am going to rip my hair out!

So I really don't like being defined, it is like if this is what I say I am then isn't that who I have to be?
I was able to come up with a few things about myself here they are:

  • First and most important I am a wife and mother
  • I hate lima beans
  • I LOVE to craft there is nothing more calming to me
  • I really try my best not to judge people it is not my place
See fairly short list right?
But this is me!  I wouldn't change places with anyone... not one single person!



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