Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Hurry Up and Wait... Life of the Army

So if you haven't noticed I have been kinda la de da lately.
And it has nothing to do with blogging.
I love it,
It is a fantastic outlet for what I create.
Also it is nice to get some randomness out there too.

But for the past couple of weeks my personal life has been stressful.
If you didn't know my husband is in the Army.
He has just gotten off of a stateside deployment.
Which left us kind of in a lurch.
We could have gone back to his civilian job.
Which is also working for the Army.
But we would have taken a MAJOR pay cut.
So we put in to go AGR, which stands for Active Guard Reserve.
Fancy words for saying active duty on the reserve side of things.
SSG was picked for the program.
But he didn't get a job offer.
SSG found out there were 30 jobs and he was 41st on the list.
So we waited, prayed, and hoped that by some miracle at least 11 people would turn down jobs.
However a 6 a.m. phone call answered our prayers.
He got an assignment.
To make matters even better.
We actually get to stay in Utah!

Another piece of news that is just WOW!
We were approved for a home loan!!!
Can I get a high five here???
The best is looking for a house.
Going into a house and trying to picture it being ours.

So this is why I haven't done much crafting.
I would rather show ya something that is awesome!
How about let's say we take a break until after New Year's?  
That way I can get back into the groove of things.
Much love and happiness to you during this holiday season.
I look forward to talking to you in the 2012!!!

Also I have some new sponsors and we will be having a giveaway after the first of the year!
Also maybe I will be opening my very own Etsy shop!
We will have to do a giveaway with that as well!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

{Homemade Stockings}

 Christmas is in a week!
I hate how fast this month seems to go by.
Especially since SSG has been on leave.
It makes me sad he will have to go back to work.
Such is life though!

If You didn't know I bought a sewing machine last November, (a year ago) with no idea how to use it.
I just told myself I was going to learn how to sew.
It is something I have always wanted to do.
With a little MUCH help from my friend Thais.
I can proudly say, yes I can sew.
Not like fancy dresses or anything. 
I am not that talented.
I can however make my very own homemade stockings.
 It is pretty nice that I have matching ones now.
REALLY nice that they are not dollar store crappy ones too.
Stockings are terribly expensive to me.
I used freezer paper stencils to put the names on.
Have you ever done it?
If not and want to learn I will be happy to post a tutorial on it.
It is really easy!
I cannot wait to fill these stockings!

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Monday, December 12, 2011

Kinda in a Slump

I am kinda in a slump this week.
Too many things are up in the air right now.
So I really haven't done much crafting.
I think I am going to take this week off.
Sorry everyone!
I will be back with some amazing things next week!
Love ya all!!!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

40 Pounds Lost, I don't Plan on Finding Them

This was me, in 2008.
The sad part is, this isn't even me at my heaviest.
I actually had another baby in 2009 and put on about 
20 more pounds.
I was miserable, I hated looking at myself in a mirror.
Let alone have pictures taken of myself.
I felt like I was always doomed to be the fat girl.
Especially going to my in laws.
I once broke a chair.
At their house.
I hated shopping for clothes.
Nothing I liked ever fit me.
I am 5'3 and I have really short legs.
So to find pants that would fit me in the waist. 
They would always drag on the ground since I wasn't tall enough for them.
I cried alot about my weight.
Looking at this picture I can see how uncomfortable I am.
I am trying to hide how ugly I felt.
I tried a bunch of crappy trendy diets.
They all promised the same thing.
Lose weight fast!
And while I did lose ten pounds at first.
I was starving myself.
One diet I ate plain chicken and spinach all the time.
Oh and boiled egg whites.
Which the thought of makes my stomach turn now.
The SSG said to me one night,
'Can you see yourself eating like this for the rest of your life?'
It hit me like a brick wall.
If I had to eat plain spinach and egg whites for the rest of my life I would
Not just because I wouldn't get the essential nutrients my body needed.
But because I love food that much!
So I ate like a crazed lunatic for a few days.
Then on Friday March 6, 2011 at 10:30 a.m. 
I headed on down to my local Weight Watchers.
It was exactly what I needed.
A lifestyle change, not a diet.
And here I am 
40 pounds and much, much, MUCH happier later.
I feel comfortable in my skin.
I can wear white!
I haven't done that since I was a teenager.
I can run around with my kids.
The best feeling was when my oldest boy was able to wrap his arms all the way around me.
To give me a big hug.
This is a journey that I am glad I was brave enough to face.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Ooooo a tree skirt!

 Everyone has seen this pin on Pinterest.
The beautiful ruffle, no sew, too good to be true 
tree skirt.
Look at it, in it's beauty!
When I pinned this I thought 'Hey!  I can do that'
I have TONS of glue sticks just hanging out ready to find a purpose.
So I went out bought myself some muslin and got to cutting.
Cutting was the easiest part.
By far!
But I labored...
I hurt my fingers by squeezing the glue gun.
I cursed (shhhh don't tell anyone)
Then luckily one of my bestest friends came to help me!
I love that girl!
This is the result!
 It really is quite pretty.
And well worth it!
Maybe next year I will try it in a different color!

  • Tighten logic with malleable spanners

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Christmas Wreath

 This was my inspiration for my wreath this year.
Maybe I should say Pin-spiration!
Yes, I saw this on none other than the all mighty Pinterest!

This is my version.
 I had never done a yarn wreath before.
And honestly...
I doubt very highly I will do another.
They are HARD!
For me anyway.
I tried to do the candy cane effect.
But after an hour of trying to get it to look right I gave up.
And just wrapped it all in red.
I got the picks from Hobby Lobby.
And the snowflakes?
Ornaments I have had for a few years.
So pretty on my door!

Well I need to go get prepared for another BIG storm here in Utah.
Make sure we have candles ready, in case power goes out again.

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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Homemade Gift Exchange

 This year I decided to participate in Craftaholics Anonymous gift exchange.
For those who don't know, I signed up and by randomness I receive a partner to make a gift for and send it to them.
Really FUN!

I was kinda at a loss of what to make for my partner.
I am much better at making things for people I know.
I like to make things I know they will love and appericate!
Luckily for me I have two awesome friends who just taught me how to crochet.
I am sure they wanted to tear their hair out while teaching me though.
We also had a few laughs at the way I was holding my yarn!
But in the end I learned how to do it.
 Then it dawned on me!
What girl doesn't love something pretty to put in their hair?
So I made my partner a couple of these cute and simple hairbands.
Adds a little something to any outfit.  
I think so anyway!
This wasn't the actual one I made for her.
I of course made a few for myself!

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Sunday, November 27, 2011

{Joy} Bottles

I am back from Thanksgiving vacation!
And even though I enjoy getting away and seeing my family.
It feels so good to be home!

Now I have seen these bottles floating around pinterest for a while.
The links I have found were all for Fall.  
(not saying there isn't winter ones out there)
So I did my own twist on these bottles.
I really like the snowflake hanging out there.
I got the green things from Hobby Lobby when they were on sale.
I think in like October.
The are pretty simple to make.
All you will need is a few empty bottles.
You could probably even do it with vases found at a thrift shop.
Spray Paint
And whatever your hear desires to go into it.
I attached the joy with vinyl cut out with my handy Silhouette machine {heart}.
If I hadn't of procrastinated on the project it could have been done in a day.
(That is with drying time)
But for some reason I dragged my feet.
And it took me like a week to finish it.
A tree skirt got in the way.
I will show ya that this week!

And as always find me linking to these fantastic parties!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

{Vacation Time}

Thanksgiving week is here!
I have my Christmas tree up already.
ya I am a little early, however I won't be home the day after Thanksgiving.
(when we usually put it up)
We are leaving tomorrow for sunny California to spend Thanksgiving with my dad, step mom, and younger sisters and brother.
So I won't be around this week!
Don't worry I will be back next week.
Enjoy your week!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

What I {Heart} on Pinterest #7

 Uhhh can you believe how fast November is going by?
Wasn't Halloween just like yesterday?
And with that ummmm Mother Nature you are kinda skipping Fall please keep Winter in check.
However, aren't you guys EXCITED for CHRISTMAS!?!?!
This girl right here is!

Here are my Pinterest picks of the week.

 This is a great idea on how to keep the spirit of the actual reason why we celebrate Christmas.
I think I see a new tradition rolling through this house.

I have been a little obsessed with headbands lately.
Maybe if everyone stopped making them so darn cute.

 Aren't these little reindeer cookies cute?
I love them and their cute little Rudolf noses!
 I LOVE jalapeno poppers.  
And this seems like a great way to make them.
Perfect appetizer for parties. 

Ya I just had to through this is.
Uhhh Mandi your inner geekness is showing again..
Sorry I know,
If you don't know what this means I am sorry.
Your husband might if he likes Lord of the Rings.

My Wishes

 As my boys are getting older I wonder.
I wonder what kind of men they will be.
I wonder if I am teaching them right from wrong.
I wonder if they will be happy.

Here are a few wishes I have for them.
 I wish they will know that family is always there for you.
That they know the bond of brothers is something that should never be broken.
When their father and I are gone that is who they will have.

 I wish they will know that the possibilities for them are endless.
The world is theirs for the taking.
And they should never say 'I am not good enough for that'

 I wish they never lose their fearlessness.
That they should always take a risk.
You never know if it that risk will turn out to be the best decision of their life.

 I wish they know how much their father and I love them.
That we have given our all to them.
I wish when they grow up they will say 'Thank you for all you did'

I wish they know whatever road they take I will always be proud of them.
They are our joy.
The reason we work so hard.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Jingle Bell

 I get excited for Christmas.
It takes you back to being a kid and magic is in the air.
Now that I have become a parent I love seeing how excited my kids get about it.
My middle child has gotten the concept of Santa this year.
He pointed to the fireplace and asked if Santa was going to come down there.
He also said Santa was going to bring him a dinosaur.
I hope he doesn't think it will be a REAL dinosaur.
Cause Santa can't bring that!!!

I have gotten a little ahead of myself this year.
Just because there are SO many projects I want to do.
  I feel like there will not be enough time to do them all!
So this is one of my first projects of many I hope!
I got the letters from 'The Wood Connection'
I really wish they would start shipping again!
My favorite part is the jingle bell inside the center of the 'O'
So sweet.

Wanna know where I party?
Click HERE

Friday, November 11, 2011

Fall Centerpiece and a WINNER!

I made this centerpiece for a church function I went to the other night.
I love how simple it is.
Just a package of cranberries and a bundle of wheat.

I am very excited to announce the winner of my very first giveaway!
 There were 30 entries and I got the number from Random.org.
The winning comment is number 5!
Which is:
Chrissy from Boerman Ramblings!
Email me so I can get this off to you!

A big THANK YOU to everyone who entered!
I will be having another giveaway soon!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

What I {heart} on Pinterest #6

 Happy Thursday everyone!
I hope everyone is having a fantastic week!
I have been and that is because of you!
Yesterday I reached 100 FOLLOWERS!
So THANK YOU to everyone who is a follower and even if your not!
At least you are here reading my blog!
Pinterest has been acting really weird for me this week. 
So my pins have been few and far between.
Here are a few things I was able to pin.
When I first pinned this.
It didn't link right.
So I did a little clicking around to make sure the credit was going back to the person who posted it.
But this is a great idea!
 You can't see this very well but it is 6 different ways on how to tie a scarf.
Very useful for this coming Winter.
 I love everything about this except the purse.
The purse really turns me off.
This wouldn't be a craft blog if I didn't show something crafty right?
This wreath doesn't need any description.
It is too cute for words.

 These are my favorites this week!
I hope Pinterest stops being moody for me.
I miss it.
Come follow me on Pinterest and we can be PBFF!

Kids and Manners UGH!

 I remember when I was little.
There was a woman, Mrs. Reed, who lived a few doors down from my dad.
I used to play in her house, and her back yard.
Some of my fondest memories of my childhood are in the company of that dear sweet lady.
Mrs. Reed had invited myself and my dad over for dinner one night.
She gave me a brief lesson on manners.
I still remember the words today.
A few pointers that she gave me are:
  • You never say you don't like the food.
  • Even if you don't like what they have prepared, eat it.
  • Never spit food out onto your plate.
  • You do not start eating until everyone has been served.
Really great advice that has helped me into my adult life.
A week ago my little family was invited over to a friend's house for dinner.
Remembering the advice of Mrs. Reed I gave my oldest son a run down of how to act.
Thinking that I was prepared to at least have my oldest son behave we went to dinner.
Oh how I was wrong.
I won't give you all of the brutal details.
Just the one that has stuck out.
The kids were getting drinks for their dinner.
'Trouble Maker' looks in the fridge with the other kids.
Out of no where says,
'OH, I can't have apple juice, it gives me diaherra'
Then he proceeds to repeat himself two or three times!!!!
We all had a good laugh about it.

I guess I forgot to cover that,
You don't talk about your bathroom business while in some one's house.

There is only two more days to enter my GIVEAWAY!
Have you entered yet?

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Hoo are you #60

Here is another round of Hoo are you from Night Owl Crafting.
This is a great way to get to know fellow bloggers.
I enjoy reading everyone's answers each week.
Here are the
1. Do you type on a keyboard the correct way or do you peck like a cute little chick?
I type on the keyboard the right way, except when entering a password.
I took a keyboard class in Jr High, and I have worked in many call centers so it feels weird any other way.

2. Typically how long does it take you to get ready in the morning?
Depends, if I am in a hurry to go somewhere about 45 minutes.  
If I am being lazy a couple hours.
I take breaks and let my hair air dry a little.

3. Do you prefer lip gloss or lipstick?
I usually don't wear either, I prefer chap stick.
But if I had to chose it would be lip gloss

4. Do you take clothes to the dry cleaner or wash them yourself even if they say dry clean only?
I dry clean them.  But if I notice that something is dry clean only before I buy it, it goes back on the rack.

5. Do you prefer Wal Mart or Target.
uggghhhh I despise the Walmart we have where I live.
I don't understand why people have to be so rude in a Walmart.
Oh I am sorry that you think you are better than me because I am at Walmart.
Guess what you are too.
So I like Target.

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Monday, November 7, 2011

{Baby, It's Cold Outside}

It snowed for the first time in Utah on Saturday.
Well snow in the valley anyway.
I have mixed feelings about snow.
I like it when it is falling.
But it can pretty much get lost after that.
Oh and it hardly ever snows on Christmas.
So after the snow has fallen in Utah it usually just stays in the mountains.
And brings in freezing winds.
And I do mean FREEZING winds!
I have been coveting scarfs on Pinterest lately.
And found a tutorial from Pink Lemonade.
It was easy for a beginner sewer such as myself.
I made it in about 10 minutes.
Including CUTTING!
My neck won't be cold this winter!
I am going to make more in different colors.
I love me some ruffles!

As always you can find me linking here.

Friday, November 4, 2011

{Giveaway Time}

Giveaway Closed!  

I am excited to do my very first  GIVEAWAY! 
This is what you are getting!
Cute right???
One lucky reader will win the whole kit!
Trees with stands
And Ribbon!
Cute, right?
I will even include some jingle bells..
Just because I like you that much!
Want to know how you can win?
It's pretty simple.
Just be a public follower of my blog
and "like" Mandi Being Crafty on Facebook!
For an extra credit entry, share this giveaway with your friends via Facebook or Blog!
That's it!
Be sure to leave a separate comment for each entry.
Giveaway will end November 11th!
Good luck!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

What I {heart} on Pintertest #5

Here is my weekly installment of What I am LOVING on Pinterest!
I have found some really neat things this week.
Many things I am wanting to try!
I am going to work on something this week.
I hope it doesn't go into the fail pile!
So here they are!!!!

 After being sick and spending alot of time in my room I have decided I hate the curtains in there.
They are just ugly.
I will have to show you a picture sometime.
They have been here for who knows how long.
(we rent)
So these would be a nice change.
 I signed up to make some centerpieces for a church thing next week.
This is the winner in my book.
I am making this next week.

 These cute little trees made out of Popsicle sticks are way cute!
Kid friendly too!
I couldn't find a link back to the original site.
So if it is yours or know who this belongs to let me know!

This cute scarf has an EASY tutorial attached with it!
Do it yourself volcanoes!
My boys would get a laugh at this!

These are just a few of my goodies I have pinned!
Want to see what else?
Come visit me!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Did you know?

Did you know that I have a facebook page?
I do!
And it is lonely over there.
Since we are bloggy BFF would you be a doll and go like my page?
That way I feel important for the day?

Oh and you would probably like a link huh?
Well here it is

P.S. I have something on Friday that I think you will love.  
My very first giveaway!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Baby Gift

 As you probably already know I am not blessed with a girl.
As I am typing this right now 'Monster' is climbing all over me.
Oh the joy of boys.
So whenever I find out someone is having a girl I jump on the opportunity of making things.
I made these for a new mommy in our church.

 Baby shoes to keep little toes warm.
 I really like the pink flower fabric!!!
I made her three sets of shoes, bibs, and burp cloths.

Monday, October 31, 2011


This past week has been CRAZY!
I haven't been feeling good.  
I think I am getting a sinus infection.
Getting costumes ready for Halloween.
And then Halloween parties themselves.
So my crafting has been lacking.
So I will just show you today what I have painted from one of my favorite stores.
The Wood Connection.

They were painted and then mod podged with scrapbook paper.

And as always you can find me linking to these parties.

Friday, October 28, 2011

A short story on how smart I am...

See this cake?
It's a carrot cake.
Can you tell by the little carrots made out for frosting?
I thought I got this cake at a SUPER steal.
Yes, a local store that isn't open on Sundays cleared out their bakery one Saturday night.
I had to ask the girl at the check stand three times.
'Are you sure this is one dollar?!?!?!'
So I brought this little baby home with me.
The girls and I were going to enjoy tasty delight at our weekly craft night.
I even took this picture to tell everyone how sweet my deal was.
Now I am going to tell you how this cake ended up costing me $20.00.
SSG has had a favorite knife.
His Santuku knife...
Me being super smart used his favorite knife to cut this cake.
Instead of oh I don't know
On top of that,
I left his favorite knife inside the cake box!!!!
Then threw the left over cake away the next morning.
Without checking the box.
SSG was gone to Fort Dix at this time.
So no one noticed.
Until the next week.
When he went to cut potatoes.
And asked where his knife was.
Uhhhhh dur dur dur.
'Honey, you remember me telling you about the carrot cake?'
'I used your knife to cut the cake. And left it in the cake box'
'Yes, I am really sorry'
But good news the knife has been replaced by three new santuku knifes thanks to HomeGoods.
And that is my short story.
Lesson learned?
Never use your husband's knife to cut cake.

Want to know the kicker to the story?
The cake was dry!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

What I {heart} Pinterest #4

 I cannot believe it is already Thursday!
This week has seriously flown by!
Halloween is in a couple of days, then comes Turkey day!
Here are some goodies that I found on Pinterest this week!

 These are adorable!
I think I am going to go through my closet and make some!

 I need to remember this when I am cleaning up after my mess!

 Fabric covered balls!
I was actually kind of bummed when I followed the link and found out they were had a class on this.
And it was being held about 10 minutes away from me.
But I found it a week too late.
*sad face*

These are way cute!
I wish there was a tutorial on how they did it.
Sigh... I will have to figure it out!

I pinned a bunch of things this week.
However I haven't been feeling quite myself.
Getting over a cold.
As always I would love to see what you are pinning!

Here is the link to my Pinterest!


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