Friday, June 29, 2012

BAM! Crafting Again!

If you didn't know, I am pregnant. 
With my fourth baby boy!
And even though I was in  pretty good shape before this pregnancy, it still drains me.
I usually spend most of my energy trying to keep my house up and taking care of my other boys.

As I enter my third trimester I found some extra energy.
Maybe it is making my children actually help with some of the chores I wouldn't normally ask them to do.
Maybe the baby has decided not to take all the energy.
Or maybe I just know I don't have that much longer in my pregnancy.
Either way, I am fine with it! :)

So I dug into the chaos of my new craft room.  (I will have to show you a picture sometime.)
I got out some paint and the mod podge and made something purdy!!!!

Kinda last minute on the whole Fourth of July thing.  Good thing in Utah we have something called the 24th of July.  It is celebration of when the pioneers came into Utah.  So I have a good excuse to leave all the flag flying goodness up!

Here is a close up!

So I hope this energy continues and I will start to feel like myself again!
Also I would LOVE to actually show you what I have been doing to our new home!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Where Have I Been?

So ya I kinda suck at life with this whole blog thing.
I do really well for a while and then, nothing...
One reason is that shopping, and buying a home takes up much more time than I thought.
Also we found out that we are expecting our FOURTH little baby BOY!
YAY! No girls just boys!
But now that we are in the house and most major (boring) renovations are done.
I hope that I can get to the fun stuff.
I miss blogging about crafts.


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